Posted August 15, 2019 at 10:12 pm

!!!Click here for the first page of this 3 page update!!!

That concludes this chapter, thank you very much for reading. It's been a journey, and I'm thankful to those who have stuck with me, commented and shared my work, and supported me at conventions and online. You guys are the best.

This chapter was a lot, but I'm glad I was able to finish it. I hope that regardless of the imperfections, people could still enjoy what was made. I wish I could say chapter 3 will begin soon, but as I've mentioned on Twitter, unfortunately OW is now going on an indefinite hiatus.

I wish this wasn't the case, but as much as I love this comic, dedicating this much time to a free, relatively obscure work for 3 years has been both mentally and physically exhausting. I feel OW has yet to find its place online, and it would be irresponsible of me to continue at this rate. I gave it my best, and while I love working on it, I need to accept that maybe the webcomic scene isn't for me.

This isn't to say I'm giving up on the series- far from it! I really want it to succeed and become something good one day. I'm just not sure a webcomic is the answer. In the very least, I need a long enough break to decide how I want to continue it. If it does resume as a webcomic, it won't be until next year, and it'll update when I have time for it.

I'm still planning to post further OW content on my Patreon, including hopefully a mini summer camp AU comic. But for now, I'll be moving forward with other projects. You can keep up with me on Twitter, Instagram and Patreon, as well as the comic Discord. I also have a Curiouscat page that I'm planning on using for an AMA soon, so feel free to send questions through it.

Thanks so much again. Regardless of the hard times, seeing others enjoying OW over the years has made it worth it. I hope that one day the rest of this story can be told, and if not, I hope people had a good time reading what was made. If you can find someone to share it with, that'd mean the world.

See you next time.